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Pride and Prejudice Argumentative Essay Essay Example for Free

Pride and Prejudice Argumentative Essay Essay Part I Select three of the identity categories below and name or describe at least 3 related stereotypes for each: †¢ Race †¢ Ethnicity †¢ Religion †¢ Gender †¢ Sexual orientation †¢ Age †¢ Disability |Category |Stereotype 1 |Stereotype 2 |Stereotype 3 | |Religion |Fanatical Christians |Islam extremists |All mormons are poligamists | |Gender |Men should never cry |Women can be in power because of |Pink is for girls | | | |their periods | | |Age |As you get older you cannot learn |Older people are not as sharp as |Old people are not interested in | | |new things |younger people |sex |. Part II Answer each question in 50 to 100 words related to those stereotypes. Provide citations for all the sources you use. What are the positive aspects of stereotypes, if any? Some stereotypes have been found to have a positive view of certain groups by other minority groups, Asian Americans are admired for â€Å"placing a high value on intellectual and professional achievement† and â€Å"having strong family ties†, Hispanic Americans â€Å"take deep pride in their culture and work hard to achieve a better life† (R.Schaefer, 2012), African Americans â€Å"have made a valuable contribution to American Society and will work hard when given a chance† (National Conference of Christians and Jews 1994). Another positive aspect of stereotyping (and I had to dig to find it) is that middle-class or afflcuent African Americans’ feelings of self esteem and self-image are more positive than those of comparable Whites. Our text does not tell us why just that it has been measured and exists and that one positive aspect. What are the negative aspects of stereotypes? Stereotyping has caused people to view certain groups of people in a negative light, even though people do not express such views openly, prejudice and stereotyping still exists. In an article written by Tim Giago, â€Å"National Media Should Stop Using Obscene Words†, Tim describes how the term â€Å"Redskins† is so readily used in football and how derogatory it is to hear for Native Americans. He likens the use of this term to such terms as â€Å"nigger†, â€Å"gook†, â€Å"kike†, and â€Å"wop†, and expresses how â€Å"ridiculous† it is to hear the fans doing the â€Å"tomahawk chop†. This is modern day stereotyping in a negative way and it should be stopped. Why do large corporations have the right to offend and stereotype? This should be stopped. Part III Answer each question in 50 to 150 words related to those stereotypes. Provide citations for all the sources you use. Define stereotypes and prejudice. What is the difference between stereotyping and prejudice? Use examples to illustrate the differences. According to Racial and Ethnic Groups, by R. Schaefer, stereotypes are unreliable, exaggerated generalizations about all members of a group that do not take individual differences into account. Prejudice is a negative attitude toward an entire category of people, such as a racial or ethnic minority. The difference between prejudices and stereotypes is that prejudice is learned over time by people who influence a person as they are growing up and books, movies, Internet and tv also play a part in a person becoming prejudice. Stereotypes are beliefs about people which are generally accepted that are based on something previously accepted about them. Examplese of some stereotypes are: all women are bitches, or all Arabs are terrorists. Examples of prejudices are: being afraid if you are on the bus and see a mentally ill person get on the bus because you are afraid that they may become violient. Statistic show that mentally ill people are no more or less prone to violence than normal people, please see this link about mental illness and violence: http://depts. washington. edu/mhreport/facts_violence. php What is the relationship between stereotyping and prejudice? Stereotyping and prejudice are not the same but can seem similar in a way, however the difference is important. There can be a stereotype about girls only like pink and boys only like to play with guns but a prejudice is when you are racist or have a â€Å"negative attitude toward an entire category of people† (R. Schaefer, 2012). What can be done to prevent prejudice from occurring? Diversity training and awareness is a way to prevent prejudice from occurring in the workplace. Education about diversity is a way to prevent it at schools. Much studying has been done about the prevention of prejudice but unfortunately if the training and/or education is not followed up with practice and further education and training it can lead to people going back to their old habits. This means that we must be diligent about fighing prejudice in our society, in our homes, at work, and in our schools. www. wikipedia. org Religious fanaticism http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Religious_fanaticism Main Street Plaza www. latterdaymainstreet. com A Community for Anyone Interested in Mormonism. Religious Stereotypes Venn Diagram According To Google: Expanded Mormon Edition www. religious-stereotypes-venn-diagram-according-to-google-expanded-mormon-edition Cracked. com 5 Gender Stereotypes That Used To Be the Exact Opposite By: J. F. Sargent April 24, 2012. http://www. cracked. com/article_19780_5-gender-stereotypes-that-used-to-be-exact-opposite. html#ixzz2KNtJBSML www. discoveryfithealth. com 10 Stereotypes About Aging (That Just Arent True) by Tom Scheve and Christine Venzon http://health. howstuffworks. com/wellness/aging/aging-process/5-stereotypes-about-aging6. htm Racial and Ethnic Groups, Thirteenth edition, by Richard T. Schaefer. Published by Merrill Prentice Hall. Copyright  © 2012 by Pearson Education, Inc.

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