Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Cheating Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cheating - Term Paper Example These companies, while advertising, will use every term or means possible to portray the image that a consumer loves as being of lesser value than their product. It can be argued that most adverts aim at the destruction of the image of all other activities that individuals may be involved in and instead work towards the promotion of only those activities that are related to their product. As a result, it can be argued that cheating the customer for promoting a product is part of advertising and the morality, or lack of it, behind the adverts the basis upon which they are founded. Therefore, most adverts, no matter their nature, rarely hold any truth to what they are saying, since they often aim at making the customers believe that the product will fulfill their desires, when in reality, these product do not have that ability. The advertising of products, especially those from internationally recognized brands, is not only done at a local level, the advertising campaigns are also done at a regional, national, and international level. This is often considered the best way to ensure that the advert reaches a wider audience than it would normally have if the campaign were done at only the local level. It can be argued that the professionalism of the advertising company is often brought into question during such campaigns, because despite there being a code of conduct specifying how companies should conduct business, the adverts often create images for their customers which are not based on reality. It can be further argued that the fact that many of the adverts often convince their customers to select their products and shun others of the same quality is a stark example of how these adverts cheat their potential customers. It can be said that adverts are more often than not aimed at ensuring that a company’s products are able to compete effectively against other companies attempting to market similar products and in fact, these adverts are perhaps what can b e used to provide an edge against rival products. An argument can be made that companies are more interested in making as many sales as possible in their target markets and are not at all interested in the wellbeing of their customers (Baker 1213). This is the reason why they will do anything; even make false promises to their customers concerning their products, when advertising, in order to persuade them to purchase them. The main objective that can be made concerning the advertising of products is that it is aimed at ensuring that the sales of the said products are maximized. All manner of images and senses are used to ensure that this aim becomes a reality, meaning that companies will more often than not create products, not because they have the best interests of the customer at heart, but because they wish to increase their sales. Such tactics are more often than not psychological, because the actual product may not meet the standards which are mentioned I the advert. It can b e argued that companies often weave dreams for their customers and not their reality since they often go to the extent of making promises to the consumer about the product being able to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Some of the most successful companies rely on advertising and their ability to convince their customers, through their adverts, that their products are the

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